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Guest blogging is not only an excellent way to build links to your site, it’s a great way to grow your reputation and social following.  Few other link building techniques have such a broad range of benefits.

It is hard to separate guest blogging as just an SEO tactic.  The reasons for guest blogging expand much further beyond building links so you really shouldn’t look at it simply as a method for backlinking.  The best focus for guest blogging is to:

Write the best content you can

You can’t go wrong with high quality content, and you’ll be rewarded with targeted traffic and a great reputation in your niche.  You can check out my post on SEO for guest blogging to help rank higher with each post.

Tips for Writing Great Content

1. Analyze the site you’re writing for

The worst thing you can do when guest blogging is to submit content and get it revoked.  If your content is great then it’s great, but that doesn’t mean it makes a good fit for any blog.  Make sure you are writing for a particular site, or if you have written your post before finding a site then find a good match and even edit your article to help it fit in.  Also, make sure you don’t write an article that is too similar to one just published on the blog.

1. Analyze Niche Competitors

Take a look at what content is getting a lot of Tweets and mention in your niche.  There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel, so if there is a certain type of post or topic that is currently popular – write about it too!

2. Stand Out!

There should be some sort of element that helps your site stand out from others in your industry.  Bring this character and style with you to other blogs.  You want your content to stand out and shine on other blogs in order to bring traffic back to your site.

Tips to Make Publishers Love You

Writing awesome blog posts is the best way to earn favor and attention in your niche, buy many bloggers really appreciate it when you go the extra mile to help with their blog.

1. Respond to Comments

Your duties as a guest blogger don’t stop after you submit your blog post for publication.  A good guest blogger returns to the page where the post is published and responds to the comments.  You don’t have to respond to every single comment as many get redundant, but you should reply to most and answer any questions that are asked.

2. Link Internally for Them

If you aren’t already a reader of the site you decide to write for then take a quick look around the site.  You can even do a Google search for the topic you wrote about within that site.  Just Google: your topic

Then find some decent posts on the site and link to one or two of them within your blog post with some partial match anchor text.  Bloggers will appreciate this extra effort, especially if you link to product reviews or give a place for an aff link.

3. Target a Keyword

Bloggers accept guest posts because they get free content.  The new post will keep the blog fresh and also help get new traffic to the site.  However, you can help out even more by targeting a keyword with your post.  Some require this, most don’t, but all will appreciate it.

4. Promote Your Post

Besides just replying to comments after your post is published you should help out with the promotion too.  Even if you are writing for a site that is far more popular than your own and you feel like you can only assist a bit, still share it and promote it.  A quick routine that is quite standard for many bloggers is to share a new post on Facebook and Twitter, and then add the URL to other social networks like Blogengage.

You can take things even further and follow these 4 steps to get some more quick traffic to new posts.

5. Add Images

The bloggers you write for will always add images if you don’t include them, but you’ll be saving them a step by doing it yourself.  You want to use sharp and professional looking images, but don’t be scared to use something a bit quirky as it might help your post get more attention.

Guest blogging is an awesome way to promote your site and brand online.  These tips should help you create some great content and succeed with guest blogging, but if you want the real insider tips then you’ll have to find the best blog.

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