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OnlyWire Account Creator – FREE Download

If you use OnlyWire,, Pixelpipe, socialmarker, or ANY social bookmarking  AT ALL, you’ll want a copy of this free SEO software.  It’s completely free no-strings-attached – no optins or annoying followups about some clickbank product you don’t want.

onlywire account

About the Account Creator

The OnlyWire account creator will quickly take you from site to site filling in the forms for you, verifying your emails, and filling out your account details on the OnlyWire service page.

You can use it to quickly create accounts for the most popular bookmarking sites, you could even start your own account creation service and start profiting from this free software.

Additional Tips to Maximize Effectiveness:

  • Use a unique username with letter and #s between 8-12 characters (ALL lowercase)
  • Don’t make your password TOO similar to your username
  • Put a space in your full name
  • Make sure you’re not signed in already to any of the services
  • Use yahoo mail to benefit from the email verifier
  • Digg, jumptags, and livejournal load a little slow – be patient

Click here to Download the OnlyWire Account Creator Now

The OnlyWire account creator is compatible with the following bookmarking sites:

  1. Bebo
  2. Bibsonomy
  3. BrightKite
  4. Connotea
  5. Delicious
  6. Digg
  7. Diigo
  8. Folkd
  9. Hi5
  11. Jumptags
  12. LinkaGoGo
  13. LiveJournal
  14. Multiply
  15. Netlog
  16. Netvibes
  17. Newsvine
  18. Plaxo
  19. Plurk
  20. Reddit
  21. StumbleUpon


Click here to Download the OnlyWire Account Creator Now

P.S. I created this software myself with Ubot Studio and I don’t know ANYTHING about programming.  You can make programs just like this yourself with Ubot Studio.

Check Out My Full Review of Ubot Studio

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