Which Influencer Marketing Campaign Is Right for Your Goals?


In word of mouth advertising, you rely on your customers to spread news about your products or services to their friends and families. In traditional advertising, you may have celebrity endorses recommending your brand.

Today on the Internet, you now have influencers telling fans what to buy through social media. It can get a bit complicated, which is why it’s great that you can now hire professional providers of influencer marketing services so that you can embark your own influencer marketing campaign for your brand.

There are several types of marketing campaigns. To pick the right one, you first have to determine what your goals are. When your goals are clear and not too many, you can then pick the right influence marketing strategy.

You Want to Increase Brand Awareness

Nobody will look for your brand online if people don’t even know your brand exists. At least with increased brand awareness, more people know that your brand is an option. So how what kind of strategy can you use?

  • Product reviews. This is a very common method to increase brand awareness. You can try to have an influencer review your products and services. For this to work, it should give a sense that the influencer actually did try out your product. The review should also be objective.
  • Brand mentions. This is a simpler technique. All the influencer needs to do is to mention your brand. They can even just tweet about it, though it’s better if they have pictures or videos of them using your product.
  • Maybe you can have your influencer run a contest with their followers, such as have them come up with snazzy slogan for your brand. Then you can give away freebies of your product.

You Want to Boost Your Website Traffic

In marketing, it’s not enough to increase just the raw numbers of your website traffic. You want your visitors to be potential customers.

So how can you drive traffic to your site with influencers?

  • Guest posts. If someone asks a question about your industry or the type of products you offer on a website like Quora, then you can provide your own answers. Your answer or your short profile can have a link to your own website.
  • Sponsored blog posts. You can also have influential bloggers blog about your brand, while it also contains a link to your site.

You Want to Generate Leads and Sales

This is one of the more important goals, as it directly leads to profits. For a goal like this, mere brand mentions won’t really work well. Instead, here are the more effective marketing methods you can try:

  • Affiliate marketing. Your affiliate has a website that extols your product, and they have a link that goes directly to your sell page. When the traffic the send over buys your item, the affiliate gets a percentage of the price.
  • Discount codes. Everyone knows the power of discounts! When people are able to enjoy discounts, then they’re more likely to buy. You can put a seasonal spin to your discounts (Xmas discounts, for example), or you can have a time limit.
  • Email marketing. You can ask visitors to your website to sign up for your newsletter. This gives you the chance to send emails to prospective customers who may want to hear news about your industry, as well as news regarding your sale offers and new products.

These are just some of the influencer strategies available today. What’s important is that you first set a viable goal. With the right goal, it’s easier to find the marketing campaign to help you succeed.

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