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A Social SEO Campaign will change Your Brand for the Better

The Internet is an ever changing network of communication evolving every day in new and unprecedented ways. Advertising online means that your business needs to keep up with the ever-changing trends of digital marketing. Businesses that want their brand to be noticed use the metrics of SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) to organically lead potential customers to their websites. The two biggest and most important channels that influence the way brands are promoted online through SEO are search and social.

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Digital marketing is much more sophisticated than it was five or even two years ago and running a successful SEO campaign now means more than just ranking well on Google. SEO is a multi-disciplinary and incredibly comprehensive approach to website optimization that guarantees that potential customers who visit your site have a positive experience. Engagement plays a large role in Google’s assessment of your website’s optimization, and sites that rank the best are those that help clients find what they are looking for quickly and effectively, and invest in sharing high-quality content.But search engines aren’t the only way people hear about your brand. The power of social media means that companies seamlessly weaving search and social marketing gain an advantage. If you’re looking for SEO services in London from Digital Clicks Marketing, then consider the following tips to give you a head start in your next digital marketing campaign.

How to incorporate SEO and social media

SEO and social media both fall under the larger overarching umbrella of organic digital marketing — two sides of the same coin. Start with a basic foundation — have shareable, high quality content, well-structured pages including a dedicated landing page, and then maximize the effectiveness of the metadata affecting how well your content is shared on social media channels. Pay close attention to authorship metadata (for Google Plus and search results), proper use of images, and Open Graph tags. The most savvy businesses learn from past activities, so make sure your SEO marketing campaign includes metrics put into place to analyze performance and see where things can improve.

Social sharing sites

The pros at Digital Clicks tell us that participation in social sharing sites is integral to brand improvement online. If your business doesn’t have a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page or a Google+ Page, it is missing out because it is failing to build up a network to spread — and therefore share — your content, site and brand.

A proper SEO campaign with social sharing in mind by professional digital marketers can make all the difference, especially on the following sites:

  • Bing: Social Search
  • Google: Social Search
  • Search Engines: Social Search Engines
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Social reputation counts

Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google don’t count all links equally so it stands to reason that they don’t see social accounts as being the same. According to the experts at Digital Clicks marketing, your business should be gaining references from social accounts with legitimate reputations — it doesn’t help to be promoted by fly-by-night social media accounts that have no lasting online presence. Your business ideally should have its own social presence that is well regarded and respected. You should try to participate on relevant social platforms in a sincere and authentic way. Any company that follows these SEO guidelines will improve their online presence dramatically.

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