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Sheer SEO Review

Sheer SEO is a very useful and easy-to-use tool to monitor and manage your Search Engine Optimization campaigns.  The SEO software is especially useful for watching rankings and the impact of your link building, as well as aiding you building links.

Sheer has many different features, I’ll go over a few that I found most helpful and useful:

Rank Tracking


Everyone needs a rank tracker to follow their keywords.

Sheer tracks your keywords and reports on their current ranking and also saves historical data so you can track your progress.  In the past I have manually looked up and recorded rankings in a spreadsheet, so I always appreciate tools that have this functionality and automate the process.

Main Referrers

Sheer SEO finds all of your backlinks and ranks the top referrers.  I like to sort the results by the “PageRank Boost”metric that Sheer has created to evaluate the helpfulness of a link for ranking.  This way I know what kind of links are helping me rank the most.

(EDIT: Woops, I overstated when I said “all” backlinks.  Alice called me out for it here and I responded)

Also, these are usually high authority pages and rank for some long-tail keywords.  You can follow Ross Hudgens’ strategy for tiered link building and build links to these pages so they rank higher.  If you have a prominent link on this page, then helping it rank higher will give you more traffic and make your backlink stronger.

Social Metrics


Social media has become an integral part of SEO – they are intertwined.  While some other SEO products have neglected social metrics or been very late to get on-board, Sheer SEO already has social tracking implemented.

Sheer found and displayed Tweets for me that I actually didn’t see in Twitter itself.  This data is useful because it gives me a better idea of who is sharing my content so I can build relationships with them which can eventually be leveraged for links.

The number of Facebook shares for each one of your site’s pages is also measured along with the number of Diggs and Delicious bookmarks your content has received.

Link Building

link building

Sheer SEO has a few link building capabilities built in, but my favorite is the directory submitter.  It’s extremely fast and easy to use for link building.

I created my profile in about a minute and I was ready to start building links.  I’m not exactly sure how many directories Sheer has built in, but it looks to be a few hundred with PR 0-5.  All you have to do is choose a directory, fill out the captcha, choose your category, and click submit.  I like full-automation, but semi-automated tools like this are awesome because they are so organized, you have full control, and it still only takes about 1 minute per link.

There is a limitation – you can only submit to a certain number of directories per month: from 5-100 depending on the plan you choose.


A lot of SEOs have a portfolio of client sites to work with and need reports to send them.  Sheer SEO has a report generator that you can use to build and compile reports for a website’s performance and you can even have them automatically emailed to you.

They also allow white-labeling, so you can put your own company’s brand on it and send a crisp and professional performance report.

Is it worth it?

The one thing I didn’t like about the program is that it seemed a bit under-annotated.  There were some tools that I would have liked to have more instruction for.  Training videos or clearer instructions for a few of the components would be very nice, but for the most part the tools were pretty self-explanatory.

I started using Sheer SEO recently, but I have to say it is quite easy to use and the feature set is very robust.  There is a lot of functionality and features that I didn’t cover in my review.  You can see a full list of Sheer’s SEO tools here.

I would recommend Sheer especially to bloggers who need to monitor their rankings and improve their sites optimization, and SEO professionals who need to manage and report on a variety of sites.

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