5 Killer Link Baiting & Viral Marketing Posts

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Link baiting is a white-hat link building technique. In short, it involves creating an exceptional piece of content (blog post, video, infographic, etc.) and promoting it through social channels to make it go viral. This results in links and traffic.

Here are five of my favorite posts on building links with link bait:

1) 7 Viral Marketing Strategies to Get Massive Traffic Spikes

Jason Acidre provides 7 usable techniques for creating content with viral potential. The post includes techniques for scaling up the link bait and increasing your conversions from the traffic you receive.

2) Going Viral on Pinterest: Driving Big Traffic and Making Pinterest a Real Marketing Solution

This post is a great read by Colby Almond of 97thFloor SEO. Even thought Pinterest has changed, there is still a ton to learn from his case study about techniques and approaches to creating & marketing viral content.

3) Oops, I Ruined the Facebook IPO

This very recent post on SEO Moz by Larry Kim from Wordstream blew my mind. It’s a case study of a blog post by the internet marketing company that went VIRAL. They got links from every top news site you can name and it even got their CEO a handful of national Television appearance.

4) 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Re-Package Your Content into a Viral Image

Who doesn’t love content recycling? Ann Smarty delivers 5 different methods to take old content of yours and reuse it as a viral image. You probably have some viral content lying around right now :)

5) Tracking Social Media Trends for Awesome Link Bait Ideas

In this post by Ryan Clark, he gives extremely in-depth tactics for finding and following trends in your industry. Not only is this a great read for uncovering timely link bait ideas, but it’s also handy for any webmasters looking to research a new niche market.

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