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13 link building strategies that work. Keys to good link building

The Link building is undoubtedly one of the most important elements to work if your goal is to enhance and improve your search engine optimization in order to get customers.

Whether your website is a service page or an online store, how you approach and work your link building and web positioning strategies will make you appear sooner or later in the Google SERPs.

 link building strategies

And that yes or yes, directly influences the volume of sales and customers you can get.

Therefore, and given that link building or link building strategy is such an important and complicated factor, my recommendation is that you leave this area of ​​work in the hands of a specialized link building company.

Because if not, most likely:

. Don’t get good backlinks for your website

. Base your link capture strategy on irrelevant sites

. Get toxic backlinks that can lead to penalties

As the years go by, Google has continuously modified its positioning algorithm, paying more and more attention to how companies get their backlinks and hardening that link building techniques that are black hat or that involve the buying and selling of links.

Where before quantity was sought, now quality is sought;

Have you thought about starting a link building strategy for your online business? Do you really know the importance of good link building for your website?

If you still don’t know, keep reading. I want to leave you in this post a complete link building strategy guide so that you begin to understand the relationship between getting good backlinks and appearing in the Top 10 of Google.

Link building or link acquisition strategy is a fundamental part of positioning that will help you increase your Web Authority and thus improve your search engine positioning and the visibility of your keywords.

13 link building strategies that work. Keys to good link building; #positioning

What is Link building

Link building or link building is a SEO Off Page positioning technique whose objective is to increase the authority of a website by obtaining backlinks or external links that point to specific pages of that website.

Although there are many types of link building strategies, the reality is that the more SEO links or backlinks you have, the better the quality of your website will be and that will significantly increase your visibility on Google.

To understand this, you have to follow the following thread.

. Thanks to SEO on Page, among many other aspects, you define the best keywords for your website and place them on those sites where Google indicates. In this way, Google indexes those keywords, which little by little are positioned on the various pages of the SERPs.

. However, it will be very difficult to get those keywords to the top of Google. It is here where the link building or link building strategy helps to be able to climb them to the first positions.

For this reason, whenever you think about improving search engine positioning, think about getting backlinks for your website continuously and well done.

Again here I refer to the importance of having a link building company that helps you achieve visible results, not just links.

Important aspects when it comes to getting SEO backlinks

SEO backlinks

A little later we will talk about how to do link building and what types of external link building strategies exist.

But first of all, it is important that you know two very relevant concepts when talking about backlinks. Both refer to the popularity of your website, that is, how your website is seen in the environment of your sector and the internet.

In any environment, we would talk about any business being popular if many people talk about it or recommend it. In this context, Google interprets external links as recommendations that other websites make yours.

Thus, the more quality links you have, the better recognition your website will have and the greater the visibility that Google gives it in search engines.

Two important metrics that you will have to constantly analyze to see how your website evolves with respect to the link building strategy you are carrying out are:

. Domain Authority, The authority level of your website, which evaluates the set of backlinks that reach your website and their authority;

. Page Authority, The authority level of each of the pages of your website based on the volume of external SEO links it receives.

This is why, when designing your link building strategy, you should be very clear about which pages you are interested in positioning first (you have to prioritize) and which keywords are those that you are interested in placing in the Top 10 of Google.

Thus, the work to get good backlinks will be focused on working on specific pages and with specific keywords.

Analyze your backlink profile

Always when starting to carry out actions for the construction of external links, it is important to analyze the current situation of each website through an SEO Audit.

If your website is new and you start from 0 there will be no problems, but if you have been on the internet for some time and if someone has already done some link building for you, it is important to be able to review and analyze the backlinks that point to your website, to avoid possible penalties .

SEO Link Audit Objective:

Reduce poor quality links. Poor quality external links or from unsuitable sites or with a high level of SPAM, can undermine the authority of your website, so it is important to detect them and later DE authorize links to tell Google not to have them in bill.

Increase relevant SEO links. The strategy of attracting backlinks will work to look for quality and receive those recommendations from websites that really bring you benefits.

How to do Link building; Link acquisition strategy design

Link acquisition strategy design

I want to tell you very quickly how to do link building, or at least how to start at the operational strategy level.

As in everything, starting to get a lot of backlinks without rhyme or reason and without strategy does not make much sense. For that:

. Establish a priority of pages or products that interest you the most. Everything at the same time is complicated, so establish a priority by pages, services or categories in order to start getting backlinks for your website.

. Identify the best keywords for those pages or products, search many synonyms and SEO variables.

. Start your link building strategy by including an “anchor text “in those external links that corresponds to those synonyms and SEO variables that you have previously defined.

. Use all the means and techniques to get links at your fingertips, always in a positive way and creating structures at various levels, to guarantee the best results.

. Measure the results of everything you do on a monthly basis.

If you develop a proper link building strategy, I can assure you that in no time you will see the results come in the form of a significant increase in traffic and the authority of your website.

Best types of link building strategies to get quality SEO links

get quality SEO links

It is very common that every time I teach an SEO course I am asked how to link building and where to get good backlinks.

The truth is that the world of links is like that of mushrooms. Nobody ever tells you where they find them. So instead of telling you where to put links, I’m going to show you different types of link building that you can do.

1. – Payment link building strategies

Although this type of link building will cost you money, it is usually the best option to get results. At least it is the one that will give you the best level of SEO backlinks.

1.1. – Outsource the Link building process

Designing and executing the entire link building strategy is complex and time consuming. Not to mention that by saving money you can be capturing backlinks from undesirable sites and minimizing the SEO impact on your website.

Therefore, once again my recommendation for this specific aspect is that you subcontract a specialized link building company that will carry out this work for you and help you grow on the internet.

1.2. – Links in press releases

The notes online media are a good link building strategy. To do this, create your content or note within the context of your professional sector, in order to gain relevance little by little.

You can take the opportunity to get backlinks in press releases when you launch new products or services or when you have important news about your company.

If you are going to send company notes to various media, do not send the same to all of them. Create several or make various modifications.

It may be necessary to have someone who knows how to write content properly, not everything goes and this is only about capturing links, it also influences the perception of your brand.

Most media will give you a “No follow” link to your press release; however the relevance of this can be very great.

The sites where you can send free press releases will offer you little, if you want results, bet on good sites, which will obviously involve a payment.

1.3. – SEO backlinks in the media

This type of link building is increasingly used. Very similar to sending press releases online, it involves hiring “spaces” in relevant online media.

These spaces are sometimes sponsored content or infomercials and more and more online media are offering them at very affordable prices.

These sites will almost always provide you with Do Follow links, so it is very common to hire these spaces on a regular basis in your link building strategies, in order to complement the organic link building that you are doing monthly.

To achieve these external backlinks you will have to work with specialized platforms. If you don’t know which ones are the best or how to hire them, tell your link building company and they will do it for you without problems.

1.4. – Sponsored links

Similar to the previous points, this link building technique involves proposing to online magazines, blogs or pages in your sector the inclusion of an SEO link on their website, pointing to yours, in exchange for a price.

The best way to do this is always through content, so it is best to look for blogs with good SEO authority and with content that may be related to what you do.

Thus, the link building strategy will be very natural and the growth of your web positioning will be much more effective.

1.5. – Analyze the backlinks of your competition

This link building technique consists simply of analyzing how your competition is positioning itself based on the external links it receives, in order to be able to use the same sites as it.

The cost of this action to capture links is given because to do this SEO competition analysis you need specialized positioning tools, which have a minimum cost of about $ 100 / month (or more).

2. – Free link building strategies

We are going to see some of the most common free Link building techniques. It is important to mention that the fact that they are “free” does not imply that they are easy or fast to implement.

2.1. – Links in directories

This type of link building was very powerful a few years ago, however right now, with some honorable exceptions, it will give you very little.

That does not mean that you can include your website in directories and get many backlinks with something of value. Look for business directories, blog directories, industry directories or similar and analyze which of them is better to get backlinks for your website.

2.2. – Backlinks in comments on blogs and forums

This action to capture links was widely used a few years ago, as it was simple and fast. However, today, not only does it hardly contribute anything but it can also “dirty” your online reputation.

If you want to get SEO backlinks from forums and comments, follow these steps.

Do not think that is to arrive and leave your link, this link building strategy takes a long time.

To leave comments on blogs you must be very participatory and read a lot of content. The comments you make should contribute or generate debate; only in this way will you get a no follow link.

In the forums, you must participate in those that are from your sector and provide solutions. Therefore, this link building technique may involve creating content that offers solutions to other users’ questions. Only then will you get external links from forums.

2.3. – Create valuable content that attracts links

Personally, the best backlink building strategy a business can do. The content;

The reason is very simple. The content of a blog is not invasive; if it is well done it tends to offer solutions to the user so it does not generate rejection and also significantly helps to improve the SEO of your website.

A good content creation policy for your blog will help you greatly to improve getting more backlinks, since it will be the users themselves who link these posts from their own pages.

2.4. – Share your posts in news aggregators

Use this link building action every time you publish a new post on your blog.

It basically consists of including your content in directories and websites that allow its free dissemination. There are very good sites that will allow you to get good free links easily.

We leave you here a list of the best places to get Do Follow links.

2.5. – Link Baiting, get 100% natural backlinks

Link baiting is part of the link building technique that we talked about before, based on the creation of content and its diffusion in a natural way.

This way of getting SEO backlinks starts from creativity when creating and disseminating your content and is very natural, as it relies on elements that are highly liked by users:

Social media


Tutorials, manuals, guides

Info graphics



I insist again. For all this to help your link building strategy, you need these actions to add value to the user or else no one will share them, nor will you get links, nor will you become relevant in your sector.

2.6. – Guest Posting

The Guest Posting is a type of link building widely used by those websites that have a blog and a strategy for content creation.

The Guest Posting or guest articles, consists of publishing a post of yours in a blog of another website or blog with good authority and that they in turn publish their content on your blog.

In this way, in addition to each reaching a new audience, you can get quality external links from those websites.

2.7. – Participate in digital contests to achieve authority and relevance

If you have certain relevance in your sector of activity, this strategy of attracting links will help you increase your web authority.

Periodically, many sectors and media hold very diverse contests (best blog, personal brand, sustainability, or others) in which users with their votes determine the winners.

Therefore, apart from getting great visibility for your brand, this action will allow you to get quality SEO backlinks for your website.

2.8. – Ask them to put a link to your website

Honestly, to increase your external backlinks in this way you will have to throw a lot of anger and be very patient.

And I say jet because at the end of the day it implies contacting authority websites and asking them (by the face) that in one of their content they put a link to other content of yours or to your website, arguing that this post has more value.

In our agency there is not a day that we do not receive an email of this type. We almost always say no to them but surely in the end they are getting links for their link building strategy in one way or another, if not, they would not.

Platforms to get SEO backlinks

Platforms to get SEO backlinks

Throughout this post we have mentioned on a couple of occasions platforms from getting backlinks for your website.

The truth is that over time, they begin to be many and varied, although the work philosophy is always the same or similar.

I leave you to finish this post, a list of platforms from which to complement your organic link building strategy with paid periodicals.

. Publicities


Seeding Up


Low post

What did you think of the content? Have you already learned how to do link building and the importance of getting SEO links for the visibility of your website? I await your comments!

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