12 Proven strategies for promoting content across social media


Digital marketing is such a sort after field for every site owner looking to make their brand widely known and acceptable in the internet space. Social media has become more than just a digital marketing tool as it is now a go-to search engine for most people, so that, when people cannot find you online, it is likened to your non-existence.

When promoting content across social media, you might have to share to Facebook URL to reach as many people as possible. Considering that social media is always experiencing advancements, it can get a little frustrating when your marketing efforts don’t give you the anticipated results.

If you are still new to social media, you might be wondering how to make a notable presence and consistently remain relevant. Trying new things can be fun and refreshing, for both you and your audience, which is why you should consider using these tested and proven strategies for promoting your content on social media:

Create unique content for the different social media platforms

Social media platforms function differently from each other so that there are different formats and time periods that work for specific platform better than the other.

Since every platform concentrates on a different motive, you need to create unique content for the different platforms. You can configure the content to share the same message, but uniquely prepared to befit the specific platform.

Stick to the distinctive rules that apply on different platforms because ignoring them will deteriorate your strategy and deter your content from reaching as wide an audience as possible.

Develop interesting content

You could implement the most effective marketing strategies to promote your content on social media, and still not get favorable

Make your content as intriguing as possible, to promote curiosity, which will entice your audience into making a conversation out of your content. The more people are talking about your topic, the higher the visibility of your brand.

Consider different writing styles for your content like humor, imagery, questions, short-form and long-form types, among others. Content with a question, for instance, seems to gain more attention among people and provoke your audience to comment.

Optimize your timing and frequency of posting

For the fact that social media platforms are different, the posting frequency and timing does significantly differ. While your content might attract many retweets n twitter at a late hour, you will not necessarily get the same response from Instagram or LinkedIn.

Set proper timing and frequency of posting your content on social media based on your audience’s behavior.

Use influencer marketers

Upon the realization that social media influencers are effective for promoting content online, this trend has since gained popularity. Build relationships with social media influencers because they are already well familiarized with the various platforms and have a significant presence online.

However, choose small-scale influencers over celebrities and bigwigs because they easily relate to audiences and can better promote your content.

Embrace visualization

Technology today is so advanced that different platforms have image modification tools like image filters, which has changed the interests of people to focus more on visualization.

Pictures, videos and/or info-graphics, get more attention than do text-based content. Embrace their use because they allow the audience a better chance at visualizing and are a good way to capture the attention of new audiences.

Take advantage of this easy trick to keep your audience locked on your content, better still advocating for it.

Encourage feedback

Any kind of feedback is feedback, and so is silence, although silence can be a negative form of feedback.

Invest on encouraging feedback from audiences, regardless of it being positive or negative. The best way to keep your audience communicating through feedback is to respond to people’s comments on your content. Be timely with your responses so that you can spark a conversation following the remarks.

Brainstorm on a couple of techniques that will entice people into consuming your content and actively participate in conversations with you, for example, giveaways.

Join a community

Every social media platform has its communities, for example, twitter chats, Google plus communities, WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups. Communities are a perfect way to have all your audience in one space. It is a good way to point out your niche audience that enjoys the kind of content you share. Become an active part of these communities you choose to join, and they will allow you to reach a large part of their audience, even making them your loyal client-base.

Be cautious to join resourceful communities that will complement the type of content you develop, for example, a blogging community in your industry of interest.

Actively participate in social media

Be active on social media, especially on other people’s content. People do not want to feel like your existence is just to pump them with your information. Share people’s content, retweet relevant tweets, comment and tag people on trending topic matters.

Remember to share content that compliments your brand because your main agenda is to promote your content and maintain a decent reputation. People will end up joining in to promote your content upon the realization that you have shared some of theirs.

Mention, tag and quote renowned people

While staying relevant to the content you are promoting, mention prominent people in your industry in posts you make. Add quotes that mirror the contents of your posts so that they can draw the attention of those prominent persons.

Consider tagging active social media users on your promotional posts as this will increase the post reach among both your followers and theirs.

Use social media analytic tools

There are so many tips on how you can thrive on social media, but all these efforts might not gratify your promotional needs.

Take advantage of the social media analytic tools to review the metrics of how your content is performing on social media as a search engine. The analytic tools will give you insights on what people are looking for on social media, informing you why a lot of your content may not be performing as well.

This enlightens your use of keywords and optimization for all types of contents including images, which will help in marketing your content online.

Add a call-to-action

With all these content promotion strategies done right, it is essential to remember the call-to-action part of your content.

Whatever content you post on the social media, make sure it is linked to the right product page and contains a call-to-action. Consider your overall goals for your site and use that to set a call to action for every post you share.

Keep learning

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Social media is always changing, and advancements are changing the usual way of doing things. It is important that you keep learning through research and help from experts so that you can embrace all the tools that are meant to make the social media experience easier.

There is no denying that social media has the potential to give you a surge that will boost your visibility online, drawing a huge traffic on your content. These 12 strategies have widely been used before by so many internet users, resulting in many success stories. Take advantage of these revelations and promote your content to a wider audience with much ease.

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