The Design Trends to Incorporate in Your SEO Web Development

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Every year, new styles and elements in web design emerge. Some of these elements can help in telling stories and explaining more about your company when incorporated thoughtfully. Other elements play crucial roles in improving the appearance of your content when viewed through certain devices.

While the general rule in web design and development is to pick only what is necessary and leave the rest, knowing what to include in your website can potentially enhance your visitors’ experience. You can get more info about this from credible SEO and web design companies on the web.

However, to offload the burden and challenge of picking the right elements for your web design from your shoulders, below is a discussion on some of the elements that are a must have.

Large and Unique Typography

Web design companies have been in the habit of sticking to particular typographies or fonts which they use to enable their customers identify them easily. Recently, lots of fonts have emerged and this is a plus to web design companies and website owners to accurately express themselves by selecting the right fonts and typography.

Typography is important because it leads your website visitors across your web pages into certain areas and different parts of the page. Your choice of typography can also give valuable clues on who you really are.

Large Hero Images

These images do away with social buttons or call to actions and simply draw the attention to themselves. This visual experience encourages your visitors to scroll to the bottom to check what else you have to offer.

Irrespective of the approach you use in designing, large images can enable you tell your story and as such project your brand in the right way before your audience. In order to score big in using hero images, you should ensure they are responsive to enable your audience view them comfortably on their various devices.

Background Videos

Have you ever visited websites where there are videos that play in the background? These videos can help in telling a story and also reduce the need for a lot of content in your website. Web designing with background videos can help keep your visitors engaged from the first time they come to your page. As you may know, videos are processed up to 60,000 times faster compared to text.

Semi Flat Design

This is a web design element where there are no shadows or perceptions of three dimensions. If you design your website this way, you make it much easier for your users to understand what you have to offer. As a bonus, semi flat designs tend to load faster because they are not overly technical. Consistency is very important in that if you decide to adopt the semi flat design, ensure each part of your website including product pages, home page, and other sections have the same design.

You can also include giant product images to highlight the different parts of your product. Such images reinforce the benefits of your product features by highlighting the specific areas or parts of these products. You can easily boost your visibility and SEO ranking by incorporating visually appealing designs to your website.

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